Easily Boost Plant Performance
Factory Intelligence Network (FIN) is a unit of Automation & Control Inc., a full-service industrial electrical contractor and industrial automation services firm providing custom control panels, factory engineering, systems integration, and data collection services. Our affordable real-time data collection/historian system has been instrumental in helping manufacturers in a broad spectrum of industries dramatically cut downtime, waste, and costs and boost productivity and profitability. It has also been an instrumental in helping manufacturing plants drive their Lean and Six Sigma initiatives.

We Know the Factory Floor
Our developers aren’t mere software specialists -- they’re seasoned factory floor engineers who understand the unique challenges that plaguemanufacturing companies, and the critical data points that plant personnel need at their fingertips to improve performance.

Customization Is Affordable
We understand that your plant’s circumstances and challenges are unique, so why rely on an off-the-shelf solution for your data collection needs? Our factory floor engineers can fully customize and install your system to meet your specific requirements.

Today, most custom-configured data acquisition systems are priced beyond the reach of smaller and mid-size manufacturers. And once installed, other systems often require oversight of an in-house systems engineer to install the system and operate it. Unlike most other systems, FIN is priced affordably, and system is pre-configured by our engineers based on a review of your plant.

We provide all the installation services to get your system up and running. Our team takes care of establishing all communications among your factory floor machines needed for data collection; setting up, testing, and validating all of your specified data points; and training your staff on site.

Key System Features:
FIN can be purchased as “software only” or as a fully customized and installed system that meets your specific needs.
Access data from seconds ago up to years ago to identify variables that affect production and impact OEE.
Quickly diagnose root causes of production line failures and pinpoint sources of process variation and product defects.
Monitor machine, process, and production conditions in your plant from a single computer.
FIN is a turnkey hardware/software solution that monitors plant conditions/performance, etc.; there’s no need for you to buy a “suite” of products.
Collect data from any combination of newer and legacy equipment, including PLC-enabled and non-PLC-enabled machines.
FIN easily Integrates with many other systems -- e.g., scheduling, production planning/tracking.
Set alarms to alert you to out-of-spec conditions.
Receive a daily e-mail of user-specified KPIs to help you quickly analyze key productivity points.
Monitor your plant from anywhere in the world via the Internet.
FIN can be purchased as software only or as an engineered and installed system.
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