Ready, Set, Go…How to Start a Lean or Six Sigma Program, Corrugated Today, March/April 2009
Factory Intelligence Network (FIN) has been instrumental in helping CorrChoice drive its Lean and Six Sigma initiatives.
A Recipe for Success, Corrugated Today, September/October 2008
Factory Intelligence Network (FIN) proves to be a powerful tool in driving sheet feeder Michigan Packaging’s gains in productivity, yield, OEE, and customer satisfaction.
Software Helps Plant Improve Productivity, Slash Costs, Board Converting News (BCN), April 2007
Ohio Packaging realizes productivity gains and dramatic cost savings after installing Factory Intelligence Network (FIN) on its factory floor.
Making Production Data Work for You, Plant Engineering, September 2005
“Factory intelligence” systems provide plant personnel with quick access to the critical machine, production, and process data they need to improve plant performance.
Effective Measurement Makes Efficient Equipment, The Manufacturer, June 2005
Collecting and analyzing machine data goes a long way in improving manufacturing processes, decreasing downtime, and slashing production costs.
Quality 101: Data Collection Serves as a Management Tool, Quality Magazine, June 2004
Real-time data collection/historian systems help provide plant managers with critical data to help identify variables that affect production and impact OEE.
Know What Your Factory Equipment Is Doing Right Now, Plant Services, June 2004
Factory intelligence helps plant personnel quickly diagnose production line failures, and pinpoint sources of process variation and product defects.
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