Factory floor experts at Moorestown, N.J.-based Automation & Control Inc. (ACI), a full service industrial electrical contractor and industrial automation services firm providing custom control panels, factory engineering, systems integration, and data collection services, developed data collection system Factory Intelligence Network (FIN) several years ago to address the growing needs of manufacturers to track critical data to help boost factory floor efficiency and profitability.

FIN, an  affordable, customizable real-time data collection/historian system,  has been instrumental in helping manufacturers in a broad spectrum of industries dramatically cut downtime, waste, and costs and boost productivity and profitability. It has also been an instrumental in helping manufacturing plants drive their Lean and Six Sigma initiatives.

Ron Iannacone, President of ACI, and our team of engineers have 125+ collective years of factory floor automation and engineering experience encompassing the design, programming, and installation of complete production lines; upgrades/modernization of equipment; drive system replacements; and much more.

We Know the Factory Floor
FIN’s developers aren’t mere software specialists -- they’re seasoned plant floor engineers who are experts in factory automation and systems integration. They understand the unique challenges that plague manufacturing companies, and the critical data points that plant personnel need at their fingertips to improve performance.

For years now, FIN has been instrumental in helping plants cut costs, reduce product returns and waste, and enhance efficiency and profitability.

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