* Easy to use Trending

* Drag & Drop pens on trend
* Real time trending and Historical Data
* Save, export to Excel® , or print trends
* Auto Ranging; Let FIN scale your trend for you
* Modify the look of your trend
* Different engineering units on same trend
* Add notes to trends to document process conditions or deviations

View Trending Screenshots


View Trending Screenshots


FIN's software supports query-based reporting. The easy to use reporting tool allows you to quickly generate reports (Event, Data, or Batch Reports). The reports can be automatically generated and posted to a web page with the Report Server application.

* Event Report

* Create reports based on Events
* See when an Event occurs and it's duration
* Save, export to Excel®, or print reports

* Data Report

* Calculate min - max, avg., totals, and more for any point

* Batch Report

* Track Productivity

View Reporting Screenshots


FIN  Event Report Screenshots

FIN Batch Report Screenshots

FIN Data Report Screenshots

Report Server

* Auto-generate Reports
* Select Reports and view from Web
* Reports can be triggered by an event
* Copy and Paste Report into Excel®
* Only available with Fully Configured FIN-System

View Report Server Screenshots

View Report Server Screenshots

Live Data

* View real time values & edit alarms
* Data points can be viewed in an easy to use-tree structure
* View live data from one screen
* Quickly identify alarm conditions

View Live Data Screenshots

View Live Data Screen Shots

Alarm History

* View historical alarms
* Select date with pull down calendar
* Sort, print and export alarms easily

View Alarm History Screenshots

FIN Alarm History Screenshots
Data Point Editor

* Add Data Points
* Update Data Points
* Remove Data Points
* Modify Data Points

View Data Point Editor Screenshots

Click here to view Data Point Editor Screenshots

User Management

* Set user name, password, and access level
* Access levels can be assigned to every FIN parameter.

View User Management Screenshots

FIN User Management Screenshots

* - Excel® is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation

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